Transport operators are decisive in developing regions. They break new ground and promote new practices among users.

Communication is a big challenge and our teams are there for you, ready to use all their skills to meet your needs.

Aéroport Auch Gers - France

Union of French Airports, Occitania

12 February 2019

HOP! Air France

12 February 2019

Airbus Group

8 February 2019

CCI Auch Gers

8 February 2019

HOP! Air France La Navette Roadshow

7 February 2019

ENAC – major events

7 February 2019

Tourism & economic development

Territorial assessment, territorial competitiveness and attractiveness, mobilization of private and public stakeholders, identity and branding, animation.


Transport operators, transport platforms, mobility plans, external communication.


Renewable energy, lasting development, sustainable growth, facilities development and networks, private and public stakeholders.

Land & building

Major projects, new infrastructures, real estate projects, structuring equipment.