Virtual reality can contribute to streaming music to a wider audience but in no way seeks to supplant live concerts in cultural venues.


By coming up with scripted immersive experiences that go further than PIPs in familiar visual worlds.

Not only does virtual reality make culture more accessible, but it introduces cultural organizations to a more robust economic model. Virtual experiences overcome venue capacity constraints by diversifying revenue sources.

It is a model that will give the sector new virtuous impetus as we emerge from the crisis.

So, virtual reality offers powerful growth and mediation leverage for the cultural sector and should be seen as complementing the current offer as it means that the organizers do not need to make compromises.

LivR supports this paradigm shift by enabling festivals and artists to offer their audiences a unique experience that acts as a new growth lever.

LivR is the first streaming platform that enables festival organizers and artists to offer their audiences live stream concert opportunities through virtual reality.

With LivR, festival organizers can finally offer viewers a unique experience (multi-camera, 360° cameras, binaural sound, localized sound, exclusive content, audience reactions).

Discover below an example of Live show proposed by LIVR with an ambitious scenography in Notre Dame de Paris in virtual reality and the possibility of listening to the concert in stereo or binaural immersive.

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