The company is specialised in creation and production of multimedia shows and cultural & festive events.

Conception & scenography

Each show and production is a new creation and experience calling upon our capability to continuously adapt to different artistic ambitions, geographical and cultural contexts.

Our design & engineering department composed by our artistic and technical teams offers you services for scenography and technical studies.

Engineering & technical studies

When undertaking a scope of services to produce any international event, R2B, as a rule, always takes special note in anticipating any risk that could interrupt, delay or impend on the normal procedures.

In this aim, from the outset of a project, R2B identifies the chain of events and unpredictable factors that may occur in different categories and at all stages such as, but not limited to ; weather conditions, travel and customs clearance, communication issues, live & audiovisual broadcasting…

Shows production

Our team is comprised of talented specialists, each in their respective fields.

R2B singular productions have brought them to work closely together in a professional family spirit and sharing each individuals’ network of knowledge where appropriate to the common goal of delivering only the best.